Step 01

What is culture
and why is it important?

"The culture of your organisation is its personality and character. It is made up of shared values, beliefs and assumptions about how people should behave and interact, how decisions should be made and how work activities should be carried out."

— The Chartered Management Institute

Culture can be thought of as all the assumptions, values, and behaviours that are common in an organisation or between a group of people. 

The culture of an organisation has an impact on how people in the organisation behave. This in turn will have an impact on how safeguarding is practised - so developing a safer culture is a critical part of safeguarding.

Leaders have a central role to play in developing a safer culture.

This short video explains the importance of organisational culture to good safeguarding practice. 

We recommend that your Senior Leadership Team watches it together before completing the Culture through Compliance Audit.

Watch our video